Trade Data & Analysis
Get the latest data and reports produced by ITA's team of trade specialists. Data series and reports for both public and government use.

Trade Data & Analysis

Trade Statistics

ITA publishes a variety of statistics, use the links below to navigate directly to data relating to a specific topic. Preliminary 2019 trade data for Top Trade Partners and Free Trade Partners are now available (National U.S. Trade -- Tables below).
Exporter Database
Tables profiling U.S. exporting companies by product, market and location within the United States
Image of trucks in bay
Trade Stats Express
National and State trade data, updated quarterly. Data for 2019 now available.
Employment & Trade
Data and analysis for jobs supported by exports
FTA Tariff Tool
Online tariff tool combining tariff and trade data for FTA partners

National U.S. Trade

  • TradeStats Express (National Trade Data) – U.S. trade statistics by market and industry. Updated quarterly
  • Trade Policy Information System Customizable queries using U.S. and international trade data sources. Full database available to government users, with summary information available to all users. Updated monthly
  • Top Trade Partners U.S. trade with its top 30 partners. Preliminary 2019 trade data now available
  • Free Trade Agreement Trade TablesTotal U.S. goods trade and manufactured goods trade with its free trade agreement partners. Preliminary 2019 trade data now available

Sub-National U.S. Trade

  • State Reports - For all 50 states, export data on industries and major markets; percentages of export-related jobs; numbers of companies that export; and how foreign investment influences exports. Updated periodically as new data comes available
  • Exports from U.S. Metropolitan Areas Landing page for all material on exports from U.S. metropolitan areas, including links to: “Metropolitan Area Overview Report”; fact sheets for the top 50 metropolitan area exporters; methodology; FAQs. Released annually